Norman H. Lipoff “–” Tranquility

“I have been utilizing the services of Hartman Yacht Maintenance with satisfaction for more than 10 years…his staff are easily accessible and responsive to whatever needs attention on my boat. I highly recommend Hartman Yacht Maintenance for both regular boat maintenance and special projects.”


Capt. Ivan Diaz“– “Yacht Captain
“When I needed emergency mechanical work done before heading on a big trip to the Bahamas, Hartman Yacht Maintenance was there. They have met my needs and satisfied my customer’s expectations”


“Alfredo Alvarez” – “Wild Ride III
“Thank you for your prompt attention to my service call. It is a rarity now a days to find someone who cares.”


“Craig Erickson “ “– Scalper
“Hartman Yacht does the job right the first time.”


“Capt. Harris Shoopman ” “– Dockmaster, Cocoplum Yacht Club
“My boat owners are very particular on the care and maintenance of their vessels. I have recommended Hartman Yacht Maintenance for over 12 years without a complaint. That is extremely rare in this business.”


Bill Morrison ” “– Blue Runner
“I want to thank you for service that I think went above and beyond the normal standard when two of your people worked until well after 12 o’clock midnight to fix a problem on my boat the night before the boat was to be taken to The Bahamas. Your business, like mine, is a service business. What your guys did is what builds quality customer relationships.”